This is a list of charities I run fundraisers for, that you are more than welcome to donate directly to. This list will update periodically, so keep checking back for more.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital: It should be no surprise that a brand called Happy Koala Gifts donates to a facility dedicated to preserving the wild koala populations in Australia. I first learned about the Koala Hospital during the Australian wildfire crisis in late 2019- early 2020 and I am absolutely in love with everything this hospital does for the local koala populations. Make sure you also check them out on Instagram and YouTube for some koala cuteness.

WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue: This is a wildlife rescue that I also discovered during the wildfire crisis in Australia. They frequently rescue and rehabilitate local wildlife and offer grants to other animal rescues so that they can continue their good work. Their Instagram regularly features fun facts about Australian wildlife and animal rescues they have been dispatched to.