Anti-Racism Pledge

Happy Koala Gifts is committed to practicing anti-racism in a way that goes beyond performative actions and actually strives to do better. In the fiber arts community, there is a problem with white creators following white creators, and I want to break this circle in my brand. This plan is my commitment to encourage anti-racism in my company, Happy Koala Gifts, so that my customers, followers, and supporters know about my efforts and can hold me accountable to my promise to be an anti-racist brand.

First, I actively seek out Black and other BIPOC makers in the fiber arts community to follow and support, not solely for the sake of following them, but because I genuinely enjoy their content and products. This action will include, but is not limited to

  • Featuring their content on my blog, with permission
  • Sharing their content on my social media
  • Promoting their products on my social media, as appropriate

Second, I will actively read, watch, and listen to anti-racism and Black literature and work to implement what I learn in my life and in my business practices. This action will include, but is not limited to

  • Sharing books, videos, and podcasts and other resources I find interesting and informative for my audience to learn from
  • Participating in trainings and workshops that help me learn and grow as an anti-racist business owner and activist

Third, I will encourage uncomfortable discussions about anti-racism and social injustices on my social media and wherever else is applicable. This action will include, but is not limited to

  • Encouraging engagement on posts that address anti-racism issues
  • Maintaining a culture of respect in those discussions so that my Black followers feel welcome and respected in my spaces
  • Accepting feedback and criticism from Black and other BIPOC followers, learning from and implementing changes as needed so those members feel safe, respected, and included in my spaces

Lastly, 30% of my business budget will be devoted specifically to the Black community. This allocation of funds in my budget will include, but is not limited to

  • Hiring Black models for my product photos, especially when my products are designed by Black designers
  • Hiring Black contract crocheters/knitters when I need more makers to meet demands
  • Buying yarns from Black indie dyers to create my products
  • Buying patterns from Black designers and using those patterns to create my products, linking back to their original pattern in all listings, and seeking out affiliate relationships
  • Donating a portion of my profits to the following charities that support the Black community:

Note: this is not an exhaustive list and will grow and change over time to reflect current issues.