About Us

A picture of Britnee, the owner of Happy Koala Gifts.

Hello, my name is Britnee and I am the founder, owner, and creator behind Happy Koala Gifts. I absolutely love koalas and all things creative.

When I first decided I wanted to sell my crochet and knit items, I had no idea what that would look like, but as I began my business journey, my vision for my business became much clearer.

I love being in nature and helping others, and I decided that my business needed to support those two passions, and that’s how Happy Koala Gifts was born. With Happy Koala Gifts, I hope to expand my contribution to giving back to communities in need, while creating products with ethically-sourced, eco-friendly materials.

At Happy Koala Gifts, you can expect quality handmade items that are perfect for gifting (or keeping for yourself), made from eco-friendly materials that were produced responsibly. On this site, you can expect to learn more about my supply chain and material selection process, so you can be assured that you are getting what you pay for. I will also highlight small businesses and products I love, issues worth talking about and supporting, and so much more.

To read my commitment to anti-racism, click here.

For other charities I support, click here.

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